We continue to follow the dispute that has been looming over the Bridger Canyon Fire Department. A group of residents who call themselves the Bridger Canyon Fire District Safety Coalition have initiated a recall. One they hope will begin the process of removing all five board of trustee members.

We spoke to Thomas Hughes. He has lived in Bridger Canyon for more than a decade and is supporting the safety coalition. Hughes tells us he is upset with the Bridger Canyon fire trustees.

"The board hasn't played by the rules," said Hughes.

This is the latest twist and turn for those who live in Bridger Canyon. We were there in the spring when the dispute became so heated, more than  a dozen volunteer firefighters including the chief packed up their things and left. We understand this to be caused by a rift between the firefighters and board members.

Fast forward to today and the issues has still not been solved. Residents like Hughes do not feel the department is up to par, and the board is to blame.

"We have been at risk for an entire summer with an understaffed response team," said Hughes.

We also headed to the Bridger Canyon Fire department to speak with acting chief Dennis Guentzel. He says he is pleased with the progress the department has made since more than half of the firefighters left back in May.

" 22 total on the staff at this time with 2 more recruits coming in this week. We have a dedicated group of people," said Guentzel.

However he is less than pleased with the safety coalition.

"Yes, we were blind sided, just as the board was blind sided last May 20th," said Guentzel.

The fight is far from over as residents like Hughes are planning to continue to push for board members resignations.

"I think it's a board that did not do its job," said Hughes.

On the other hand, Guentzel tells me they are moving forward focusing on serving the community the best they can.

"We are here, we did not abandon the community," said Guentzel.

The next board meeting will be held on October 14th. Guentzel tells NBC Montana that's when they'll decide what action to take about the safety coalition's petition.

As of Monday, we are told the petition has 50 signatures, which is just shy of half of the 104 needed to take further action.