Greg Harbac

Age 58 Born: Miles City, MT Grades: 1 ? 12 Miles City, MT Ran and won my first Marathon in 1969 as a high school sophomore. Carroll College, Helena BA Political Science & Corporate Finance 24 Years: United States Marine Corps Marine Corps University, MA Military Studies: Media

Decompressed from Marine Corps by driving a school bus for alternative school students in Washington DC area ? most relaxed I?d been in 25 years. This gets a laugh, then a pause from anyone who has spent any time on a school bus when they ponder the previous 24 years.

Interest in weather started when I realized that when it rained where I was standing? it wasn?t necessarily raining a mile away ? and wondering why.

Weather memories: a) Walking for hours in sub-zero temps under a bright moon - on top of 18 to 24? of snow frozen so hard that it supported you like a sidewalk? and hearing trees ?splitting? in the cold (presumably from the retained moisture freezing and expanding the wood) with a sound like a rifle shot.

b) Hailstorm in ~~ 1959 East of Miles City when hailstones penetrated the front of the house and finally stopped against the inside of the wall at the back of the house. No window on the house escaped. The windows on the leeward side of the house were broken from the hailstones coming from the inside after passing through curtains on both the windward and leeward side of the house. None of us were hurt, but the only thing that would have made the house more of a total loss would have been a fire.

c) Numerous typhoons in Okinawa, Japan driving rice straw through telephone poles and water pouring through every imaginable spot in the walls of our concrete house. Then experiencing the ?eye? of the storm where there was not even so much of a breeze, just brilliant sunshine and stifling humidity with clouds on the horizon in every direction? then the storm coming from the other way and water pouring from spots inside of the house that were still dry from the first part of the typhoon.

d) Frequent afternoon downpours without a cloud in the sky (referred to in Hawaii as ?Pineapple Showers?) on the windward side of Oahu where we lived for a short time.

e) Following a semi-tractor trailer between Big Timber and Livingston during a legendary windstorm and being able to read the company logo on the side of the trailer while behind it in the same lane.

Weather dream: Three weeks or more of -20 degrees below that is rumored and frequently reported on your station to kill all vestiges of pine beetle and terminal budworm in the Rockies (Again, I?ll be outside ? this time in 21st Century cold weather gear - listening for those exploding trees from my youth).

Most surreal experience: Hours after the 9-11 attack, stepping outside to dead silence in the Washington DC area ten miles from National Airport and 20 miles from Dulles Airport. Not the sound of an auto, train, airplane, or jet aircraft? just the rustle of oak tree leaves and birds singing. Punctuated every ten minutes or so by fighter aircraft. There is an absence of sound, seldom experienced even on the most breathtaking of days in the Gallatin Range.

My Location: Lat/Long: 45 36' 44.40 N, 111 05' 42.04 W 5 miles SW of Montana State University Field House in Bozeman. Elevation at this location 5,200 feet. Using that metric, I show the following related elevations: MSU Field House at ~~4,926 feet, Montana Hall at MSU at ~~4,909 feet, Belgrade Airport runway at ~~4,457 feet.

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