Graham pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder


MISSOULA, Mont. - Kalispell bride Jordan Graham has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder just 15 minutes after attorneys were set to start closing arguments.

Graham has been remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.  Her sentencing has been set for March.

Graham asked the judge to accept her plea of guilty to second-degree murder with malice aforethought in exchange for the government dropping charges of first-degree murder and lying to investigators.

Graham pushed her husband, Cody Lee Johnson, off a cliff in Glacier National Park in July.


Jordan Graham asked the judge to accept her plea of guilty to second degree murder with malice of forethought in exchange for the government dropping charges of first degree murder and lying.

Our reporters in the courtroom told us it was the best deal offered by the state.

Federal Judge Donald Molloy started the afternoon recess.

Kalispell Newlywed Murder Trial Complete Coverage


Jordan Graham's defense team has rested after calling 12 witnesses Thursday morning.

Closing arguments are slated to begin right around 12:15 pm.  Once they are completed the case will go to the jury.

The jury will have no time limit for deliberations, but if they go past 5:00 pm they will recess for the day and resume Friday morning.

Keep checking for the latest development in the Jordan Graham trial.


Jordan Graham's defense team has called 11 witnesses so far Thursday morning.

Each has testified about Jordan and her wedding to Cody Johnson.

Her mother told the jury Graham has never told her that she pushed Cody off the cliff.

Her defense team showed a video of the wedding that last five minutes.

Our reporter in the courtroom told us Graham and her family cried as they watched it.


The prosecution rested its case on Thursday morning in the trial against Jordan Linn Graham, and the defense called its first witness, a state investigator named John Ottway.

Graham, 22, is facing first and second degree murder charges for allegedly pushing her husband off a cliff to his death in Glacier National Park last summer.

We have a reporter at the trial hearing at the federal courthouse in Missoula today. Check back for updates.

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