Graham placed under location monitoring, home detention


Graham placed under location monitoring, home detention 09-13-2013

KALISPELL, Mont. - Federal prosecutors lost their fight to get Jordan Linn Graham locked up again. She's back at home in Kalispell Friday and is on home monitoring. NBC Montana wanted to know exactly what her terms of her house arrest are and how the device she's wearing works to keep the community safe.

After looking at her conditions of release, we found out that Graham will be placed under radio frequency monitoring and is under home detention. She was released to her parents' custody Thursday afternoon. Our cameras caught her arriving at her parents' house escorted by federal probation officers. The officers carried a small briefcase into the home.

We learned Graham is on something called location monitoring. The court ordered her family to add a special landline to monitor her. When we read the U.S. Court rules, we learned location monitoring is an "alternative to detention in pretrial cases to help enhance community safety."

Probation officers we spoke to showed us a similar model to what Graham will have in place at her parents' house. The radio frequency monitoring consists of a hard-wired monitor and an ankle bracelet. The monitor sets up an invisible radius where Graham is allowed to travel. If she walks outside of the area, the monitor alerts probation.

The bracelet is also very sensitive - trying to cut the band or adjusting it in any way can send a probation officer knocking.

We also looked into Graham's home detention. She's confined to her parents' house at all times except for things like religious services, medical treatment, and court appearances. Other activities must be preapproved by a pretrial officer.

Click here to read the transcript of Graham's detention hearing.

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