The Kalispell School District is reaching out to local businesses and employers to sign up as mentors for their Graduation Matters program.

The district has paired up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flathead County to recruit 50 community members for the mentoring program which will begin in September. Kalispell Education Foundation's Mike Kofford told NBC Montana they're looking for folks who have the passion and attitude to help students who are going through a tough time at school, assisting them in reaching their educational goals.

They'll also try to pair up students and adults with similar interests - "Let's say you're a graphic artist and there's a student that has a passion for art that maybe is struggling a little bit in school," explained Kofford, "we're looking to match them on those interest levels so students can see relevance for where this education has taken them. And hopefully create a better educative workforce."

For more on the mentoring program, visit Graduation Matters Kalispell's website.