BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman High teachers tell Governor Steve Bullock dual enrollment is becoming part of the school's culture.

Bullock visited Bozeman High School to learn more about the dual enrollment program, the opportunity to take college credits in high school.

We were there as he spoke with education leaders from the Bozeman School District, Montana State University and Gallatin College.

They say close to three times the number of students are opting to take dual credits.

Leaders explain the dual credits are different than the AP classes offered and classes are much less expensive than college tuition at 49.50 per credit.

Students tell us it gave them a leg up for college.

"Both gave a great perspective on what the real world is like beyond high school and a lot of practical applications there rather than just satisfying a curriculum for high school. The university aspect brought in aspects that connect to the real world more," says MSU freshman and Bozeman High School graduate Larry Bratke.

Governor Steve Bullock tells us if we can get high school kids taking college credits, it will not only save them money but it will also motivate students, who might not think they're college material, to give it a shot.

He explains more Montanans with degrees means a stronger economy, a more educated work force and more opportunities for everyone.