BUTTE, Mont. -

If the government shutdown continues much longer, it could have a big impact on Butte.

Jon Sesso is the director of the Butte-Silver Bow Planning Department. He works directly with the Environmental Protection Agency on Superfund cleanup projects on the Butte Hill.

"We're just pretending the people we need to talk to when we need to talk to are simply out of the office or on vacation," Sesso said.

According to Sesso, the furloughs haven't impacted work yet.

"Believe me, there's enough work to do that we've already been noticed to proceed on," he explained.

But if the shutdown continues much longer, Sesso said projects waiting for EPA approval could be delayed.

"October is a big month for our reclamations on the hill," he said, "it's generally the last month of the field season."

Projects like these seeding projects are still running, but if the shutdown continues for much longer, the work could come to halt.

"If it lasts a protracted amount of time, it will certainly put a crimp on the seeding season and getting going next year," Sesso said.

Some Butte companies are running into similar problems. MSE Technology Application Inc. is one of Butte's largest companies.  

"If it continues an extended period, we would have to look at furloughing employees working on federal projects," said MSE Inc. President Helen O'Connor Joyce.

O'Connor Joyce said one quarter of their work is from government contracts, including some military weapons contracts.

"Our federal projects would be held up because we can't get our invoices approved because those federal employees have been furloughed and that will impact our cash flow," she explained.