HELENA, Mont. -

Blackfeet musician Jack Gladstone has invited a Louisiana oil executive to visit him on the reservation and discuss relinquishing his company's oil leases south of Glacier National Park.
The Independent Record reports (http://bit.ly/17Uq7uL ) Gladstone wrote to Solenex Inc., manager Sidney Longwell on Aug. 30, telling him the company's drilling plans along the Rocky Mountain Front would violate both the sanctity of the landscape and Blackfeet treaty rights.
Solenex recently filed a lawsuit against several federal agencies seeking the right to explore for fossil fuels on about 6,200 acres. The lawsuit says Longwell obtained the lease in 1982 and has been unable to develop it. The government suspended exploration on federal land on the Rocky Mountain Front in 1998.
Gladstone suggests the company take advantage of 2006 legislation that offered incentives to withdraw leases along the Front.