The U.S. Energy Information Administration says gas prices are falling nationwide and it’s welcome news for holiday travelers.

NBC Montana caught up with one Montana business owner, Patrick O’Brien, who says prices might be dropping but he still feels the pinch in his pocket.  

O’Brien tells us the cost of transporting his business around the state puts a large dent in his wallet.

Right now he and his crew are making their way to the Spokane fair from Great Falls, where the business is based, and he estimates the trip will cost him nearly $1,200.

O'Brien explained that his business is on the road June through September so he has to budget wisely to make it the rest of the year.

“It certainly has an important effect on the expenses that we pay and when it goes up it cuts into the business and the other things that you could do with your money,” he says.  “When I think about fuel costs I remember when fuel was around $1.25/gallon and I can't wait for it to get back to that.”

According to GasBuddy.com South Carolina has the cheapest gas right now at $3.26/gallon.  Move up to Montana and gas jumps up nearly .42 cents to $3.68/gallon. The most expensive gas in the U.S. is in Hawaii at $4.30/gallon.  

We pulled the numbers for Missoula, Kalispell and Bozeman - the average gallon of gas in these cities $3.67.

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