BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Within the last few months, a few new hotels sprung up in Bozeman and Belgrade. That adds more than 300 hotel rooms to the market.

We spoke to Vicky Wyant, General Manager of My Place Economy Extended Stay. She says they opened their doors this spring, and so far it has been a busy summer.

"We have been very busy since about three weeks in," said Wyant.

Just across the street the Comfort Suites is less than two months old. General Manager Benno Garwood tells us so far so good.

"Some days we have been almost busier than we can handle," said Garwood.

We wanted to find out why these hotels are here now, and in this area.

"We specialize in a little bit of a different kind of hotel. We are extended stay," said Wyant.

Wyant says they wanted to bring their hotel business model to Bozeman. While Garwood says the company who owns the hotel knows the area well. He also says this area is part of what makes these hotels successful from the beginning.

"Being so close to Yellowstone of course is a great draw," said Garwood.

"You can look out the front door here and see why people want to come to Bozeman," said Wyant.

We also spoke to Daryl Schliem of the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce. He says being located right off of the interstate is a key reason why more people are checking in. Schliem also tells us he is impressed with the recent growth but he also knows the height of tourism season is coming to an end.

"With the winter, if it does not snow, people do not come," said Schliem.

Schliem says this challenge is something the city is ready for.

"I do think we have the committees and the marketing to really do this," said Schliem.

For now, if you are planning to make a pit stop at one of the more than 2,000 rooms Bozeman has to offer, you have plenty to choose from.

"It is very good for the buyer and the traveler coming through. They have a lot more selection of hotels they can stay in," said Schliem.