BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reported five vehicle break ins at local fishing access sites in the area.

NBC Montana spoke with Gallatin County Sheriff, Brian Gootkin, who told us detectives are following up on several leads.

He said they have increased patrols in the Erwin Bridge, Drouvillard, Axtell-Anceney and Cameron Bridge sites where car break ins were reported.

"We're absolutely going to do more patrol in those areas. We patrol them anyways, but now we're going to do additional ones," said Gootkin.

Sheriff Gootkin told NBC Montana vehicle owners discovered their belongings- like wallets, credit cards, and electronics- were missing when they came back from fishing.

We went over to Montana Troutfitter, a fishing company in Bozeman. General Manager Jake Adelman told us he knows all too well what it is like to be a victim of theft while fishing.

"I had my truck broken into. It kind of comes with the territory," he said. "There's a lot of expensive gear in there and people realize that."

Adelman suggested people who are out fishing hide their gear away from any area that could make them visible.

"Make sure especially you're not leaving any rods or your reels out for people to see, if they're looking in your windows," said Adelman.

Gallatin County Officials suggest people lock their doors, hide any valuables and roll up all windows.

Sheriff Gootkin said if you see anyone suspicious at those fishing access sites to call 9-1-1.