Four Generations of Art showcases one Missoula family


Kevin Maki By Kevin Maki, KECI Reporter,
POSTED: 6:32 PM Nov 01 2013   UPDATED: 8:45 PM Nov 01 2013
Four Generations of Art showcases one Missoula family

Four Generations of Art opens Friday night at the Dana Gallery in Missoula. That's four generations of art produced from one Missoula family.

More than 120 pieces are on show -- paintings, ceramics, photography, carvings.

Patriarch Martin Leibenguth does fish carvings. Marie Leibenguth Stockhill does pottery and ceramics.

Jeff Green stretches the canvases and builds the frames for his wife A.M. Stockhill's paintings.

"I think a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring all of us together," said A.M. "This may never happen again. For Bowen (her two-year-old son) to be able to be in an art show with his great grandpa."

Even 2-year-old Bowen Green has joined the family of artists.

Young Bowen has already begun painting.

Four Generations of Art will be on display at Dana through November.