BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A former Montana State University student is suing the school and a former music professor.

The woman student is suing former music Professor Suichi Komiyama claiming he subjected his female students to sexual harassment, sexual assault and battery beginning in October 2010.

In an 11-page federal court document, the woman's lawyer says Komiyama used his position of power to sexually groom not only her but other students as well.

Court documents say it started with the alleged victim at an education conference in October 2010.  The attorney says Komiyama invited several female students to his Missoula hotel room and invited them to drink alcohol while he lounged partially dressed.

The alleged victim says two days later Komiyama invited her to his home for dinner and says that evening he kissed her without her consent and that she was worried what might happen if she rejected his advances. The lawsuit claims that Komiyama specifically threatened her with not getting into graduate school and the end of her music career if she didn't do what he said. 

She says later in the Fall 2010 semester, Komiyama went to her home and gave her excessive amounts of alcohol and then raped her while she repeatedly told him "no."

The alleged victim claims MSU was negligent in hiring Komiyama in 2006, when he was reportedly on probation at the time for two felony sexual assault convictions against former students in California. She also says the school violated Title IX because sexual harassment is a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX and her civil rights have been violated.

She says Komiyama's conduct was known to faculty and had been brought to the attention of the Music Department, Alan Leech and MSU legal council.

The alleged victim is asking for a jury trial and an unspecified amount in damages.

Komiyama resigned from Montana State University in 2011 after an investigation by the university determined he had an inappropriate relationship with a student.

We reached out to Montana State University for comment.  NBC Montana has been told the university is aware of the lawsuit and it has been turned over to legal council.

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