BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Co-workers remember a Gallatin County deputy who tragically lost his life in a rock climbing accident. We first told you Monday about John "Amos" Ridenour, who fell while climbing at Practice Rock in Hyalite Canyon. We wanted to know more about who Ridenour was to his family, friends and the community.

As we discovered Tuesday it was hard for those who were close to him to talk about a great friend and co-worker they lost. One thing they all said is Ridenour was just an all-around great guy.

We spoke with James Sletten, who works at the MSU Police Department and used to work side by side with Ridenour.

"He had this bigger than life personality like just a magnetic, infectious personality, people were drawn to him," said Sletten.

At times it was difficult for Sletten to gather his thoughts about both his co-worker and friend.

"Sorry, this is harder than I thought," said Sletten.

Sletten tells us Ridenour was the kind of guy to go above and beyond.

"That is Amos in the red shirt, he was an instructor this summer at our police mountain bike school," said Sletten.

We asked him to share one of his fondest memories of their days working at the MSU Police Department together.

"Someone reported a piranha in the duck pond, at first we didn't believe them but there was a piranha, and all the ducks were chased out of the pond," said Sletten

We also spoke to Mark Lachapelle, the Assistant Chief of the MSU Police Department. He shared a letter Amos wrote before leaving the department and says it was more than your typical thank-you.

"He wrote in the letter, 'I feel as though I have made some life long friendships at the MSU Police Department,' if only he knew," said Lachapelle.

Lachapelle said it's been a difficult time for the entire department.

"The impact is hard, he made some great friends community wide," said Lachapelle.

We met one of the people Ridenour had an impact on in the community.

"We all have respect for each other that work in the emergency services," said James Short, with the Bozeman Fire Department. He remembers Ridenour coming in to the department to show his son the fire trucks.

"Talked about our families, talked about my family and how old his son was, stuff like that," said Short.

This is just how his co-workers and friends at MSU are going to remember him.

"I am really going to miss him," said Sletten.

A Facebook page was set up dedicated to remembering John "Amos" Ridenour.