Fly fishing shop burglarized in Twin Bridges


Fly fishing shop burglarized in Twin Bridges 7-23-13

TWIN BRIDGES, Mont. - Crimes like this don't usually happen in Twin Bridges.

"It really wasn't how I was used to seeing my fly shop first thing in the morning," said Stonefly Outfitters owner Dan Leavens.

When Leavens came to work on Monday morning, he found his store broken into.

"I'd say utterly shocked would be a better word," he explained.

Leavens worked in the shop until 11 p.m. the night before, and he lives right next store to Stonefly. But some time during the night, he says the burglars broke in and left with some $18,000 worth of merchandise and cash.

The burglars allegedly came in through a side door, stole backpacks, and filled them with sunglasses, rain gear, and fly reels.

Leavens said, "they basically rooted through, demolished, basically every high ticket item I had was taken. Our cash register was gone. They just walked out the front door."

Gray Edmiston also works at Stonefly, and explained, "I was just upset and kind of shocked that it happened in Twin. There's not a lot of this stuff that happens here."

Edmiston tells NBC Montana they are devastated by what happened.

He said, "when something like this happens, you have to change your whole outlook on things and that's the worst part about it."

But Leavens is trying to stay positive, and tells us he already sees the silver lining.

"The people in this industry are very friendly by nature," he said. "I've been pretty fortunate to receive hundreds of Facebook comments and phone calls, and my email box is so full of people who are genuinely wanting to help."

Both Leavens and Edmiston hope the perpetrators are brought to justice, but are confident Stonefly will bounce back.

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