Flathead women saddled up Saturday to learn the basics of horsepacking as part of the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program. The BOW program, run on by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, aims to teach women outdoor skills in a hands-on environment.

Backcountry Horsemen of the Flathead took part in the workshop, which featured topics like defensive horse handling, packing, and a cooking course using dutch ovens. One participant we spoke to told us she's been on dozens of trips to The Bob Marshall Wilderness with her father, but she took the class to feel more comfortable packing up horses and heading out on her own or with friends.

"I really, really love horses. Totally drawn to horses. And I would really love to learn how to use them in the backcountry," explained Amanda Allen. "Be able to use them the way our ancestors did. Be able to keep that going, especially with the younger crowd."

For more on the BOW program and other workshops, visit FWP's website.