PABLO, Mont. -

More military veterans on the Flathead Indian Reservation are now getting benefits owed to them thanks to the man in this story.

He's a warrior.

He is also KECI's local hero of the month.

Lloyd Jackson likes spending time at the Eagle Circle for Flathead Tribal veterans.

The granite teepee honors all warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Nez Perce War of 1877.

Jackson will help any veteran.

"I'm an old retired veteran and I feel for the vets that are not getting no service at all," said Jackson.

Jackson served in the Korean War.

He knows how hard it can be for American service men and women to obtain the benefits due them.

He helps them through the complex maze of red tape.

"A lot of them are homeless," said the veteran's friend, " and now they're getting benefits."

The process can drag on for years.

Tribal veterans representative Bill Rogers shows a three inch thick file of a WWII veteran that had been working to obtain benefits for 10 years.

That veteran died last year, and finally did receive his benefits.

But Jackson said the man could have enjoyed them for a lot longer than what he did.

Friends said Jackson is a hero because he cuts through the red tape and mind numbing bureaucracy.

Vietnam vet Gene Sorrell has health problems connected to Agent Orange.

He had a heart attack.

He suffers form post traumatic stress syndrome.

"After the first denial, I think I would have just quit," said Sorrell,

But Jackson convinced him to keep working at it.

His benefits are now coming through.

So are Bud Moran's.

Moran, is a Vietnam veteran, who has diabetes and underwent heart bypass surgery.

He said he suffers from the affects of Agent Orange.