Whitefish took a step back in time Saturday morning. The Flathead Pioneer Auto Club hosted a car show at the Mountain Mall featuring several antique cars, all restored to their original glory.

Owners we spoke to tell us they love to work on their cars because of the unique stories and histories behind them. Club President Doug Russell told us he sold his vintage 1933 Chevy pickup, but was able to buy it back a second time. He hopes to someday pass it down to his grandchildren.

"Reminds you of when you were younger," explained Russell. "It's just a lot of fun. It's a clean hobby, lot of neat people. Get to see a lot of really nice cars all over. And it's just a very nice hobby. An expensive hobby, but a nice hobby."

The Kalispell chapter is just one of several clubs that comprise the Montana Pioneer and Classic Auto Club. Members will show their cars at several shows around the state this summer and fall.