Domestic partners in Missoula can now register their relationships.

So far just two same-sex couples have signed up.

The registry opened this week after the Missoula City Council approved the resolution in July.

Applying to be part of the registry doesn't grant any legal rights to couples. It's simply a list of same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners.

But for Sally Lowe and Nicole Clawson, the first couple to sign up, it’s one step closer to marriage.  

“We were just really shocked because we were the first couple that came in,” Lowe said.  “It's getting the foot through the door is what we need, and this here is the foot through the door.”

There are some requirements to register. Partners must reside together and intend to do so permanently. They also have to have a marriage, domestic partnership or civil union license from another state or have a least two joint living expenses.

For a list of all the requirements and to download the form click here.