BOZEMAN, Mont. -

If you want to start your New Years off with a bang, some local fireworks stands will be selling fire works until midnight on New Year's Eve.

Clint Field owns Big Box Fireworks in Belgrade.

While NBC Montana was there Monday afternoon, we only saw two customers. Slow business, but he said this is normal.

"Over the past 12 years doing this on New Year's, it's always just nothing, nothing, nothing, and then everybody comes on New Year's Eve," Clint explained.

Clint said sales don't really pick up until New Year's Eve, when they make three-quarters of their profits.

But he said, it's nothing compared to July 4.

During the summer, fire works stand owners can sell their product for twelve days around the July 4. But in the winter, it's a race against the clock to get all of the New Year's Eve fireworks sold in just three days.

"Other states get three days over ever federal holiday," explained Tom Field, Clint Field's son. "But it's a little more strict in Montana."

Tom Field is a part owner of Big Box Fire Works. They said each year during the summer, they have more than ten stands set up around Gallatin County.

But the winter is different. Right now, they only have two stands open.

"A lot of fireworks stands don't open because it's only three days long and that's a real narrow window," Clint said.

He also explained that knowing what their customers will buy can be tricky because they want different items during New Year's Eve than the 4th of July.

"In the summer time, the product mix is different because people want to sit outside for a couple hours and light off fireworks," Clint said. "At New Year's, it gets dark at 4 or 5 o'clock so by the time you get to midnight, people don't want to stand outside for hours. They want to go outside and light off some neat fireworks and then be done."

But the father-son duo explained that making extra money for their families and providing the community with something fun to celebrate New Year's makes all the hard work worth it.