BOZEMAN, Mont. -

We have been following firework sales throughout the past few weeks.

Friday is the last day stands can sell them in Gallatin County.

As we drove around town, we found people breaking down firework stands, with some already boarded up.

However there were a few left standing like Wholesale Fireworks off of Jackrabbit Lane in Bozeman.

"We will be open for the crowd after work, we still have a ton of stuff left," said Alexandria Roullier.

Roullier has been working at the stand for nine years and said they are happy with this years turnout.

"Sales were really good this year, especially in comparison to last year," said Roullier.

Just before the season began in late June, we met up with the guys at Ten Fingers Fireworks.

We went back Friday to find out how they did over the past few weeks.

Brett Cline tells us it was not their best season but there is still time left.

"We will be out here until 10:30 Or 11p.m. while we are packing everything up," said Cline.

When the clock strikes midnight and sales are officially over, stand workers like Roullier say they look forward to doing it all again next year.

"We are feeling tired but it has been a good year, so that is okay," said Roullier.