More than 100 crew members are fighting a fire that blew up north of Missoula Monday.

The Gold Creek Fire is in the Rattlesnake Wilderness, just 17 miles northeast of Missoula, near Boulder Lake.

Flames have burned 167 acres so far.

We were there after a Type II incident team took command at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday and set up a fire camp.

These mobile headquarters are set up within 12 to 24 hours after a specialized team is dispatched.

Managers tell NBC Montana the Gold Creek Fire likely started with lightning, then heated up with the recent hot and windy weather.

It's burning in difficult terrain, so the initial attack only came from the air.  

Now, two hot shot crews are on the fire and four more hot shot crews are en route.

Mariah Leuschen of the U.S. Forest Service says, "The fire is in remote terrain and is pretty hard to access for the crews, so today we have firefighting crews on the ground punching in anchor points and starting to do saw lines as well and get hazard trees out of the way to actually access the fire and do direct suppression where possible."

Managers report the fire is 0 percent controlled and has a high potential to spread.