BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A Bozeman man is speaking out about his son's death, and suing the Montana Department of Transportation.

Caleb Jones died in a crash last year at the intersection of Frontage Road and East Valley Center Spur Road, just east of Belgrade. Thursday evening we spoke to Dan Jones, the father of Caleb and is the plaintiff in this lawsuit.

"You never know how hard it hits you until," said Jones.

Jones tells us he remembers June 4, 2012, like it was yesterday.

"He was on his motorcycle going straight into Bozeman. There were cars turning onto Valley Center Spur Road. The woman that pulled out could not see him until she got out into the flow of traffic," said Jones.                                                  

Jones said this suit has been in the works since a few months after his son's death -- he told us why he feels this is important. "To prevent somebody else from having to go through this," said Jones.

Jones told us he thinks the intersection could be improved.

"The only two ways I think they could is with a traffic control light, the only other option is to have a right turn only," said Jones.                                                                     

The suit asks the MDT to pay damages for pain and suffering as well as the amount of money Caleb could have earned throughout his lifetime. However Jones said he knows no amount of money will ever change what happened, or help ease his pain.

"I would gladly give up everything, but I know you can't do that, that doesn't happen," said Jones.