BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The rematch between the undefeated Bozeman Hawks and the team that beat them last year for the state title, the Butte High Bulldogs, has folks on both sides of the Divide talking.

It's their last regular season game of the year. While Bozeman hopes to avenge a devastating loss, Butte aims to give Bozeman their first loss of the season.

November 16, 2012, is a sore spot for Bozeman Hawks fans.

"I thought we had it in the bag," says Bozeman High junior Tyler Trenary.

After scoring to take the lead, Bozeman fell 38 to 36 as time expired in AA State Title game.

"It was just heartbreaking to see the kicker make the field goal," recalls junior Finn Johnston.

Bozeman High cheerleader Fiona Bennett tells us a loss to a rival school made it that much more difficult.

"It was hard to see that happen, especially to Butte," says Bennett.
Yet the Hawks say they're a better team this year and they're ready for a rematch.

"We've worked harder to get to where we are and we've just come out with a fire every game, ready to play and ready to work," says Johnston.

Trenary says it's all about heart this time around.

"I think we're going to come out and have more heart and win this game," says Trenary.

It's why students say they're going home with a win tonight, despite their history against the Bulldogs.

"It'll be a close game. Butte's always been our rival but I think we're going to end up on top this time," says Bozeman High Senior Jake Angwin.

But folks in Butte have an entirely different take.

"They've been really kicking butt and I'm so proud of them," says Butte Bulldogs fan Denise Holmes.

The 6-3 Bulldogs might not have the record Bozeman does, but they certainly have the spirit.

"I think Bozeman's going to get their butts Whooped. Straight up!" exclaims Butte Bulldogs fan Dustin Clark.

"I think the Bulldogs are going to win. They're actually a really good team," agrees Butte Bulldogs fan Sara Shober.

With an all-star quarterback, Bulldogs fans are confident they'll walk away with a win.

"If Dallas Cook's on his game and his receivers and his running backs have been doing fabulous this year. I think they can put it to the Boys in Bozeman," explains Butte Bulldogs fan Greg Ebner.

At this point, it's anyone's game.