BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Hours after the players cleared the field, Bobcat and Griz fans alike stuck around to celebrate.

Some fans posted up by the field to say one last goodbye to Bobcat seniors, like DeNarius McGhee, while others took advantage of the last tailgate of the season.

Though Griz fans definitely had a lot to celebrate about, Cats fans seemed to be making the best of their season ending game.

Their loss to the Griz means no post-season this year.

"Feels awesome. This is my first Cat-Griz game. It was awesome to be here in Bozeman and watch the Griz win," says Griz fan Corey Buckhardt.

Fellow Griz fan, Kim Nystuen agrees.

"It's a great victory for the Griz. I have to admit, I was rooting for the Bobcats at the end so we'd both have a playoff," says Nystuen.

Yet, her son Andy is a Bobcats fan. He says the loss is disappointing.

"I wish we would have come with a little bit better of an effort today," says Andy.

Doug Watson and Colleen O'Quinn are also Bobcat fans.

"Crushed. We thought we were going to take the Griz down, today. We had a great first half but a couple of mistakes," explains Watson.

"I feel sorry for the seniors," says O'Quinn.

Lots of Bobcat fans say, they're already looking to next year.