BOZEMAN, Mont. -

There is hope out there for people looking for jobs.

NBC Montana went over to Express Employment Professionals in Bozeman, and spoke with Employment Consultant, Jaclyn Bosma.

Bosma tells us she looks over a least 50 applications a week from people looking for jobs.

She says applications for jobs inquiries are stacking up, especially with college students.

"This time of the year after school is out -- and they're looking for something to keep them busy though the Summer," said Bosma.

Bosma told us people of all ages come though her agency looking for jobs in every field.

"Everything from house keepers, landscapers, and receptionists," she said.

Last year Express Employment Professionals processed 500 W-2 forms and this year that number has doubled, reaching over 1000.

We learned many positions Bosma finds for people are temporary, but most have turned into full-time jobs. Bosma says this is exactly what happened to her.

Owner and Staffing Consultant, Rina Donaldson, of Express Employment Professionals told us her agency has helped over 150,000 people in Montana find jobs, within the past 25 years.