BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The snow came down hard and fast in Bozeman Monday afternoon. While it has let up, driving conditions are still dangerous.

In the early morning hours on Tuesday we spoke to officer Andrew Steinbrecher with the Bozeman Police Department. He says despite the cold temperatures and snowy conditions, it was a fairly calm night.

"Since mid-afternoon yesterday we have had about 29-30 crashes that the Bozeman Police Department has responded to," said Steinbrecher.

He also explains for this kind of snow storm, that amount of crashes is fairly typical. Out of the 30 crashes, Steinbrecher responded to seven and tells us that people should take it slow in this kind of weather.

"We've seen a lot of people not able to stop because the conditions, just not allowing enough distance and going too fast," said Steinbrecher.

Law enforcement are not the only ones responding to this weather. We found Dustin Welch plowing the snow in a retail parking lot off of Main Street.

"We are pretty much out here trying to get the parking lot cleaned up for the morning, we have been out here since about 3 o'clock chasing the storm," said Welch.

As you wake up to these conditions, the Bozeman Police Department wants to remind you to drive carefully.

"Take their time, allow extra time to get to work, go slowly and allow lots of distance in between them and the vehicle in front of them," said Steinbrecher.