BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It got icy Wednesday morning and remained slick throughout the day. Road conditions kept the Montana Highway Patrol busy in the Bozeman area.

At one local gas station, we spoke to Bozeman resident Ethan Johnson, who told us he had a close call Wednesday morning.

"There's been plenty of times when I'm going to a stop and a car will stop really fast ahead of me. I have to throw on the brakes and get that resistance on the brakes, that you nearly get into a wreck," said Johnson.

This is the first significant snow storm of the season in the Gallatin Valley.

We also spoke to a traveler, Doug Scott, who was surprised by the sudden change in weather.  

"Well it was OK until I got into Bozeman and then this," said Scott. "Be careful. Anytime you have the first snow of the year, people tend to underestimate your stopping time."

Bozeman snowplow driver Paul Connelly was also busy throughout the day.

"It's a little more than we were expecting, but its easy to plow now, were just worried about it getting cold later," said Connelly.

Montana Highway Patrol's Sergeant Pat McLaughlin told us there were two reported crashes and eight slide-offs. He suggested some tips for drivers to remember.

"Don't use your cruise control. You don't necessarily have to always use the speed limit, just use common sense. Look at the road, if it looks slick, it probably is," said McLaughlin.

Connelly also had a message to drivers -- "Just be aware of the snow crews working, stay out of our way, we're trying to keep the roads clear to make your life safer," he said.