BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Utility crews are out repairing a downed pole on N. 19th in Bozeman.  Police have closed the road north of Oak and are redirecting traffic.

The sagging line was called in just after noon. 

We saw crews from Optimum cable and Northwestern Energy on the scene. 

Traffic in the area has been backed up because police closed northbound 19th north of Oak.

Another pole is down near Main and 15th.  Traffic lights in the area are reportedly out.

We contacted Northwestern Energy, they tell us a they have received a number calls on wind damage and responded to a number of outages because of the wind through out the day.

Since this morning outages have been reported in the Black and Tracy area, Norris Road and in the area of Cobb Hill and Beatty.

Northwestern Energy wants us to remind folks that if they see a downed line to stay away from it and report it immediately.

The number to report an issue 1-888-467-2669.