We talked with a neighbor, Travis Valla. Valla is a young father who was putting his kids to bed last night.  He said his son looked out the window about 9 and saw flashing lights. 

A Ravalli County Sheriff's deputy knocked on his door and said an incident had occured next door but had been resolved.

Valla said a middle-aged couple have lived in the house for a number of years.  He says they were quiet and always waved when they pulled out of their driveway or mowed their lawn in the summer. But he says he didn't really know them.

Our reporter is still on the scene and will provide updates as they become available.


The following press release was sent out by Ravalli County Sheriff's Department:

"Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman has confirmed that there was an officer involved shooting last night south of Hamilton near the Skalkaho area. 

Hoffman said that a deputy had responded to a call at a residence located southeast of Hamilton and that the shooting occurred there. 

The adult male suspect is deceased and the Ravalli County Deputy involved was uninjured. 

The Montana Department of Criminal Investigation was on scene early this morning and is conducting the investigation. 

Hoffman said that more detailed information will be available later today."