Dave Scott

For most of my life I have lived in the Flathead Valley. My family moved to Whitefish in 1991 where I spent my time pretty evenly split between skiing, fishing, and playing basketball. I took a short (8 years) break from the Flathead when I moved to Butte to attend Montana Tech on a Basketball Scholarship. In 2005 I graduated from Montana Tech with a B.S. and M.S. in Professional and Technical Communications. It was during that time that my interest in marketing and advertising began.

Upon graduation I accepted a position at Montana Tech as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing. This was an eye opening experience to me as I was immersed in press releases, advertising opportunities, budgets and many other tasks. In this position I began to realize what worked and what didn?t and how to use all of the mediums successfully. During my time at Montana Tech we saw significant growth not only in our student numbers but also in annual giving. All of this credit is not mine, but a group of employees that saw the benefit of marketing the university.

In September of 2008, I moved into my current position of Account Executive for KCFW. In this position I often draw on my experience of being on ?the other side of the table.? Marketing plans and advertising budgets can be a scary idea, you have to work through the clutter and find what works best. Between my experience and the clients, there is often a wealth of knowledge that neither of us knew was there. There is no better meeting than the one you leave knowing that your client is set up with a plan that you know is going to work and is within their budget.

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