Danny Noonan

I grew up in the small Western Montana town of St. Regis. Wanting to stay in Montana I attended college at the University of Montana in Missoula, where I earned two Bachelors in Science degrees in Marketing and Management while working for and earning a Certificate in the University?s Entertainment Management Department. Furthermore, I began pursuing a strong interest of mine and was able to receive a Media Arts Minor in Film Making. My employment background is rather diverse; from home construction to managing retails stores to working for DirecTV. Some more recent work experiences are marketing for events and nonprofit organizations and coordinating sales/marketing teams for several university groups and departments. I was also a part of a small team that developed new procedures for Paramount Pictures of Viacom?s focus group qualitative marketing initiative.

Currently, I am finding a new passion for broadcast media sales while working for KECI-13 Television as an Account Executive. This new position is amazing because I not only get to continue living in Western Montana but I get to work in my favorite industry, television. It gets even better because I can put my creative ideas to use by helping local businesses grow and sustain in a tough economy by providing the right messages to the right audiences. I get to share my marketing ideas to not just one company and industry but across all spectrums of Western Montana organizations and lifestyles.

There?s no better feeling than walking into a business and having the owner know me by name and hearing their stories about how well their campaign is doing and how many people liked and saw their ads. They take pride in the commercials and so do I. Within KECI, I am building strong companies and even stronger relationships in a small, but important city that prides itself on those things.

I couldn?t be happier now because I?m living in beautiful Western Montana and am outside as much as possible with my wonderful girlfriend Raina. I am young, ambitious, and proud to be doing what I am doing?working in television, helping an important part of Montana grow, and falling in love.

You can reach me by email at or by phone at 406-523-0930.

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