On Saturday Congressman Steve Daines continued his statewide jobs tour with a visit to the Missoula Veterans Center. Daines met Missoula Veterans Center Outreach Specialist Brian Becker for the tour, and discussed the services provided by the center for Missoula-area veterans. Staff discussed the center’s counseling and referral services, and talked with Daines about the importance of lawmakers’ continued support for veteran issues. The center also provides a mobile crisis response team to help combat veterans dealing with PTSD, as well as suicide-prevention counseling.

“We have veterans serving veterans as they return back from serving our country. These are veterans who have seen combat, who understand veterans issues, to help them integrate back into society ,” said Daines.

Daines also briefly touched on the situation with Syria, saying that he wouldn’t support a US military attack on Syrian soil.

“I'm hearing from Montanans that these are conflicts that date back thousands of years  and we don’t want to put men and women in harm’s way and spending dollars we don’t have right now  to fight a conflict  I don’t see we're going to be able to win ,” said Daines.