Representative Steve Daines is now among the lawmakers calling on Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki to resign. The calls follow surfacing supports that veterans died waiting for delayed medical care at a Phoenix VA hospital.

“Unfortunately the VA has yet to adequately address the problems and lack of accountability plaguing several VA health centers,” said Daines, in an audio statement provided to NBC Montana.

The United States’ biggest vet organization, the American Legion, as well as another group, Concerned Veterans for America, called on Shinseki to resign as well.

Shinseki has said that he won’t resign, but he is angry when allegations are made about a system that he has worked hard to improve.

On Friday, NBC Montana met with Missoula Marine Corps Veteran Chris Poloynis. He didn’t comment on Shinseki specifically, but did say he understands the VA to be a system facing shortfalls, like the inability to adequately provide PTSD treatment to veterans.

“I can’t really speak to what he has done or hasn't done but I think it more comes down to why there has been such dramatic budget cut to the VA,” said Poloynis. “That goes over his head and that's with Congress and the Senate. Let’s put the money to our people who are defending our liberties, and coming home and are lost.”

Poloynis, who runs a support group for veterans, says Montana VA has had difficulties in recruiting psychiatrists.

“In Montana we have more combat vets, more military veterans per capita than any other state so we need to be monitoring it more closely… We need to get the professionals here that can really address the situation,” said Poloynis.