Tonight's crosstown game means a lot for the Flathead Braves, as they dedicate it to one of their alumni, who is currently fighting brain cancer.

Former Flathead football coach Bob Applegate said there was no one like Mike Calnan and his twin brother, Mark.

"In my thirty years of coaching Mike and Mark were probably the most overachieving group that I ever had as far as two players," said Applegate.

Mike excelled both on and off the gridiron and always had a positive attitude.

"Mark broke his arm and Mike dedicated his year to him senior year," Applegate explained.

The Flathead Braves are dedicating the crosstown game against rival Glacier Wolfpack to Mike, who is battling brain cancer. Each player will don a helmet with a black and orange sticker with the initials "MC."

"It was just a way to maybe honor Mike a little bit and know that the Braves are thinking about him," said Coach Russell McCarvel.

"He always went the extra mile and tried to be a good teammate," said co-captain Axel Bladholm. "That's something all of us do. We all look up to people like that, try to emulate that as much as we can."

Coach McCarvel told NBC Montana when he talked about the dedication to his team, he reminded them of their motto - "Once a Brave, always a Brave."

"Sometime down the road you might need some help and hopefully your Brave teammates and family will be there to support you in some way," said McCarvel.

Calnan never let his team down, and now his team is following suit.

"Mike's in a battle. He deserves this. Any support we can give him is going to be positive," said Applegate. "They follow Brave football as much as anything else they follow. They are two kids that just bleed black and orange. They're always going to be Braves."