Court documents lay out events leading up to Briggs arrest


BOZEMAN, Mont. - UPDATE: After additional review, NBC Montana has decided to remove the alleged victim's initials and relationship to the suspect from this article.

Kevin Briggs is wanted in connection to an alleged rape and assault reported early Saturday morning in Bozeman. We pulled the arrest warrant and charging documents to learn the details about the charges against Briggs.

Behind the four felony charges is one wanted man. The charging affidavit paints a disturbing picture of an attempted sexual assault that took place on the evening of Friday, January 31.

The alleged victim reports Briggs contacted her multiple times and eventually she reluctantly agreed to see him.

She claims she fell asleep when Briggs was at her apartment the night of January 31. Documents show she remembers waking up "to find clothing around her knees or ankles," saying it appeared Briggs tried to have sex with her.

The complaint gets more graphic when it details how Briggs reportedly became upset with the woman after she told him she did not consent to having sex.

Briggs allegedly then began to choke her. She claims he put his forearm around her throat, saying she was fearful Briggs was going to kill her.

The reported struggle continued when documents show Briggs grabbed a kitchen knife from the kitchen counter. The woman says she was able to get the knife away from Briggs and ran from her own apartment, running away toward a friend's house.

Police became involved when the victim's friend called police and took her to the hospital.

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