For about 25 years, a Christmas lights display on a rural road south of Missoula has been delighting passersby near Corvallis.

It's grown into a tradition on Hamilton Heights Road. Parents who saw the lights as children, are now taking their own kids to see the spectacle.

Twelve thousand lights showcase dozens of Christmas stories, a reindeer pulling a too-plump Santa from the chimney, a pink pig with reindeer antlers.

John Golay adjusts the scarf of a Polar Bear.

Even as a child he marveled at the magic of light.

"Six years old in 1948," said Golay, "we got electricity Christmas Eve and we had a tree with lights on it and that impressed me. That was in Wisdom, Montana."

Laura Treece brought her daughter Alexis. Alexis liked the ferris wheel.

Fans of the light show may see the true spirit of Christmas here.

It's John Golay's gift to the community.

His friend, Sharla Nies designs and plans the displays.