BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Congressman Steve Daines says he's proud of the high quality products produced right here in Montana, specifically the ones he saw at Bozeman-based Simms Fishing.

Daines took a tour of the facility today where he spoke with Simms leaders about the importance of Montana's outdoor culture in stimulating the economy, both locally and abroad.

"It's a great example of where you get to work where you also like to play; making fishing waders during the day and on the weekend, using that same product. But really proud of the quality of the products we're producing here, they're American-made, better yet, they're Montana-made," says Daines.

He says Simms is a leader in the growing outdoor industry and a great example of how Montanans can create companies and products that win in the global market.

"We have a bunch of Montanans who are proud of what they produce, leading market share in the world and the only manufacturer of fishing waders left that's still in the United States. That says a lot about Montana, that says a lot about the team here at Simms," says Representative Daines.

Simms employs close to 120 locally based employees and is the only wader manufacturer in the United States.