It's back to school for college students around western Montana. Montana State University, the University of Montana and Montana Tech classes started Monday.

Students in Bozeman, Missoula and Butte were excited to be back, but almost everyone said their main concern is time management.

Assistant Vice President of UM’s Office of Student Success Sharon O'Hare said on average full-time students put in 15 to 21 hours a week just in the classroom. Tack on an extra two to three hours of preparation and homework for every hour of class, that's an additional 30 to 45 hours -- easily pushing 45 to 60 hours a week or more just for school; that's more than a full time job.

O’Hare said many students have part-time jobs on top of that.

But all three campuses have ways to help handle the heavy workload. Both MSU and UM offer workshops. And this fall UM launched the online course UM 101. Every week students can learn about a variety of topics including time management skills. At Montana Tech there's a similar class recommended for incoming freshmen called Montana Tech Success

Final enrollment numbers for the schools won’t be released until mid to late September.