BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman City Manager Chris Kukulski says the Armory project is an exciting one. They've been working on the site for years, just like they've been working on the notion of a downtown hotel.

"We're excited to see a project finally get to this stage where it's ready to be approved Monday night by the city commission," says Kukulski.

He says a downtown hotel is on their list of priorities, not to mention a great reuse for the armory.

"To be able to use the site and retain the historic integrity of the armory and, at the same time, build a world-class, downtown hotel is just fantastic for us," explains Kukulski.

Developers have already tackled parking- they'll lease space from the parking garage.

However, there are several deviations to the city's code that have to be approved first- two awnings that would extend beyond the property line, towards the street curb.

There's the building's height- developers slated eight stories for the building at 110 feet tall but 70 feet is the maximum height for buildings in Bozeman.

There's also a requirement that all outdoor light fixtures should be shielded in a certain way, a way that goes against the original light fixtures developers want to use.

There's one more unresolved issue- demolition. Folks with Off the Beaten Path want to take out part of the building before they get their building permit, but city officials aren't so sure.

Folks with the armory project tell me, in order to maintain historic character, they'll only demolish three percent of the building.

"If we can do the demo and have it done before we get the building permit, that means, on the day we get the permit we can actually start building the thing," says Off the Beaten Path's President and CEO Cory Lawrence.

Lawrence showed me around the armory and detailed their plans for the Etha hotel.

He says they've been model students from the start, doing everything by the book. Now, the future of their hard work lies in the hands of commissioners.

"We're anxious because we're so excited about it and there is a reality that without approval from the city commission, we can't do what we want to do," explains Lawrence.

Lawrence says they're on the fast track, eager to debut a hotel he says Bozeman residents can be proud of.

"We don't want to linger. We have a wonderful plan and we'd love to be able to capture this and introduce the Etha Hotel to everyone during that summer season," explains Lawrence.

That summer season is only a year away but with the commission's approval, their plans of a full service, boutique hotel may soon become a reality.

Lawrence says, if they get the conditional use permit, they hope to begin building next month. He also encourages everyone who supports the project to show up at the commission meeting Monday night.