Children's Educational Objectives

In compliance with the Children's Television regulations that became effective January 2, 1997, the programs listed below each have educational objectives that are central to the program content and appropriate to a specific age group.  In addition, each of these programs features an E/I on-air icon indicating that the program is ?educational and informational? for children.  This icon is displayed at the beginning of each broadcast.  Also, in compliance with the regulations, documentation to support this is available in the stations? public inspection file.  It may be viewed during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5:30PM. KECI-TV is located at 340 West Main, Missoula, Montana. KCFW is located at 401 First Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana. KTVM?s offices are at 201 South Wallace, Suite A-5 in Bozeman and 750 Dewey Boulevard in Butte, Montana.


Noodle & Doodle - Craft, cook, and play with Sean, Noodle, and Doodle! Have fun learning to cook news and exciting recipes! Then, using recycled materials from the recipe, make fun and exciting crafts for you and your child.

Make Way for Noddy is based on a recurring character in the Enid Blyton book series for very young readers.  Noddy, a boy doll, lives in a little cottage in the village of Toyland.  He tools around in his sporty convertible, delivers the mail, and is a friend to all.  Because he is very kind to others, he invariably is asked to help solve problems.  But because he doesn't know everything, he also has a lot to learn.  In each episode Noddy actively finds a way manage a project, soothe hurt feelings, settle arguments, or learn how to do something new by following directions.  The examples in each episode are age appropriate challenges for children in the target audience and model clear and concrete solutions to problems.

Tree Fu Tom, is a live action/animated series about a little boy who lives in a rural area and has a rich fantasy life in the woods behind his home.  Tom uses specific movements to summon up magic powers that permit him to morph into an animated hero and fly around in Treetopolis, the fantasy version of his woods.  While in Treetopolis, Tom and his friends, Ariella, Twigs, Squirmturn and Zigzoo will invariably run into a problem or disaster that needs fixing.  Tom calls upon the audience to practice original dance moves that will bring him "Big World" magic so he and his friends can resolve their challenge of the day.  Educational messages reinforce positive socio-emotional content, with examples that model:  being loyal to good friends, knowing how to ask for help, doing the right thing instead of what is convenient, making the effort to share rather than being selfish or relying on teamwork in order to accomplish a goal.

Justin' Time - It's time for an adventure! Watch Justin and his pals, Olive and Squidgy, as they become stars in the biggest stories of all time, told from every corner of the world!

Lazytown - The citizens of Lazytown learn the importance of things like eating right and exercising from the ultra-athletic superhero, Sportucus, who must stop the evil plots of Robbie Rotten, who hates physical activity, among other things.

The Chica Show – The doors of "The Costume Coop" are now open for business! Step into the Coop as Chica, Kelly and the singing/dancing duo of Mr. and Mrs. C welcome you with open wings for fantastic adventures and dress-up fun.

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