On the east side of Glacier National Park, people at Many Glacier Lodge are remembering who they've lost. Twenty-one year olds Cesar Flores from Florida and Matthew Needham from California both fell to their deaths in two separate climbing accidents.

"He was with two other GPI employees, he was ahead of them when he fell," said Jennifer Lutman of Glacier National Park, "They went down to report the incident."

Needham marks Glacier's fifth death in five months. He was climbing Grinnell Point and fell 60 feet. We're told that spot can be a tough climb. We checked area trails, where signs do not indicate difficulty. Hikers must consider the risks before heading out.

"It's rocky, steep terrain. Very technical. Unfortunately that's where he ended up falling," explained Lutman.

Grinnell Point is also off-trail - something rangers discourage workers from Glacier's contractors from going off trail every year during orientation.

"Make sure you're equipped with the right equipment, you're experienced, and you're hiking with others who are experienced as well," said Lutman.

Employee Jessie Krakowsky tells NBC Montana she's gone off-trail before but she tells rangers where she's going and won't continue if something feels off.

"When I started to feel uncomfortable I would stop, I decided it wasn't worth it so we would turn around," said Krakowsky.

Krakowsky and others are rattled by the news of Needham's and Flores' deaths, but they hope others will pay attention to the messages, and take time to educate themselves.

"This year it's just been more heart-wrenching just to learn about other employees going missing or taking falls and not coming back," said Needham.

Needham's death is still under investigation.