BUTTE, Mont. -

A popular Butte restaurant abruptly closed its doors over the weekend, leaving more than a dozen people out of work. The Butte 4B's restaurant closed its doors on Sunday, leaving many people surprised.

"Oh, I loved 4B's," said Butte resident Holly Ostlj. "I liked 4B's almost anywhere, but I really liked ours. I love their soup, they have the best soup, and it was a very nice restaurant, and I'm surprised it closed."

But the restaurant's closing came as a shock to more than just the people who ate there.

Town Pump owns the building on Dewey Boulevard that the 4B's was in. Mike Kenneally with Town Pump explained the restaurant's lease was up and they were in the process of renegotiating the terms.

He said they came to what he thought was an agreement, but the restaurant decided unexpectedly not to renew the lease, and shut down.

"I got to be friends with one of the waitresses and they were always busy," said Mike Vanvalkenburgh, who works at the Lucky Lil's Casino next door. "And all of a sudden I come to work today here and they say it closed up."

He said he was close with the staff at the 4B's, but he still didn't see it coming.

"I just don't understand, because they were really busy all the time," Vanvalkenburgh said.

NBC Montana also spoke to the general manager at the 4B's. She told us late Tuesday afternoon that if they can come to a lease agreement with Town Pump, they would consider moving back in. They are also looking at other possible locations.