BUTTE, Mont. -

Christmas, for many, is a time to reflect. On family, friends and years past.

Butte resident Archie Hill peered through a magnifying glass at pictures dating back to the 1930's.

"That was our great time during Christmas...Christmastime," Archie said.

He shows a picture of himself posing with his brother and the family dog at Christmas taken in the early 1940's

"We always put up a Christmas tree every year and I did most of it with my older sister," he said.

Archie said he remembers many Christmas traditions.

"I remember hanging up Christmas stockings when I was about 6 years old," he told NBC Montana.

Rose Mihelich also was thinking of Christmas in Butte and how it used to be.

She's 99 years old.

"I've never seen a Christmas like that," she said.

She carried a handful of pictures from Christmas dating back almost 80 years ago.

In one picture with her sister she is holding her new baby doll.

"That's what we wanted was the baby doll," she told NBC Montana. "And then my mom used to make the clothes for the baby doll."

Rose told us the children would be so eager to open presents.

"And the children were running and shaking the presents saying I wonder what I got in here," Rose said. "They would have to go and see what everyone got for Christmas...it was a party for a week long."