BUTTE, Mont. -

Tis the season for giving and the Butte Rescue Mission hosted their annual Christmas dinner for the homeless today.

People sat patiently and waited together for Butte Rescue Mission volunteers to start serving plates of traditional Christmas food.

"A bunch of strangers come together and it's a good feeling," said Butte Resident Phillip Matt.

This is Phillip Matt's first time having Christmas dinner at the Butte Rescue Mission.

He told us he will be celebrating Christmas away from his family this year.

"If you're hurting on this kind of a day and you've got so many people giving," Matt said. "It takes away the pain and hurt."

And that's exactly what Chef Allen Perry wants to accomplish.

"We're all here to make sure that people know there is someone who does care," Perry said. "So we make sure they get a good dinner on Christmas day."

Volunteers told us they prepared for this Christmas dinner for two days. They prepared the turkeys, made casseroles and baked desserts.

"Oh it's fabulous there's so much to eat here," Matt said.

Perry told us they have made enough food for hundreds of people.

"That's why we cook so much food" he explained. "To make sure everyone gets fed. I'd hate to see someone go hungry on Christmas."

Volunteer Mary Budzinski told us Christmas should be a special day for everyone.

"Oh it's fun there are all different people from all areas of the country here today," she said.

As for Phillip Matt, he is here for one reason.

"Just to have a good time. And get my tummy full and congregate with people."

To learn more about the Butte Rescue Mission or donate, go to www.butterescuemission.org.