BUTTE, Mont. -

After the snow we can expect a period of dangerously cold temperatures. For southwest Montana's homeless, it can be a life or death situation.

The Butte Rescue Mission is preparing for the frigid temperatures.

"I get a little worried about those that are out on the streets," said Executive Director Rachel Freeman.

The Rescue Mission has space for just 38 people.

"We will never turn anyone away," said Freeman. "If it's necessary we would put roll-aways out for them or make sure there's mats...something. "

Freeman tells us people can come in to get warm, do laundry or take a shower and get a hot meal daily.

Grant money from a skateboard and clothing company, Zumiez, is providing winter gear for those who need it.

The Rescue Mission has more than 300 coats they are prepared to give out to help keep people safe in dangerously cold temperatures.

"The Rescue Mission is doing an unbelievable job for caring for these folks," said David Andersen, pastor at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. "But there's too many."

The Butte Rescue Mission is the only shelter in seven counties, but there are others who are trying to help -- like pastors Sandy Van Zyl and David Andersen. A proposed program, Family Promise, would be driven by a network of churches and would give families a place to stay the night.

"Family Promise is about kids and about getting them out of the cold," said Andersen.

Families would stay the night at one church per week and go to school, day care or search for work during the day.

"Folks who end up being homeless are our neighbors and I think caring for our neighbors is something that people in Butte do really well," said Van Zyl.

It's a program that give much needed relief to the Butte Rescue Mission during critical times like cold weather.

"There are a lot of people in need in Butte and its a community that cares," said Van Zyl.