Former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer claims the beltway media has it all wrong when they write stories about him considering a bid for the Whitehouse in 2016.

The governor’s become a frequent visitor to NBC Montana studios recently as he responds to interview requests from national news channels.  They’re curious about his political aspirations after leaving the governor’s office in January.

Several weeks ago, I quizzed Schweitzer following a satellite session with Al Jazeera television.  The subject had been a draft Schweitzer campaign, as Montana democrats scanned the political landscape for a candidate to replace retiring Senator Max Baucus.  He scoffed at the notion.  Off camera, Schweitzer opined that elected senators don’t get anything done.

Within weeks, www.realclearpolitics.com published a story claiming Schweitzer was considering a bid for the Whitehouse, even if he was pitted against Hillary Clinton.

Was the U.S. Senate too lowly an institution for Schweitzer’s attention?  We asked and he answered in much the same fashion he had with our questions about a senate bid.  Schweitzer claims he’s preoccupied with his quiet life in Montana and his varied business interests. 

Schweitzer says the rumors are more about the machinations of the Washington D.C. media and less about his desire for higher political office.