BOZEMAN, Mont. -

On Tuesday, police and volunteers announced the formation of the Bozeman Police Foundation, an independent nonprofit dedicated to community building, education and outreach related to public safety.

They'll raise money to support the Bozeman Police Department, and hope to create and carry out safety and crime prevention programs.

"It's really beneficial to have a foundation to kind of come alongside and assist the police department," said Bozeman Police Foundation President Brian Foreman.

They hope to raise money for things like school speed radar signs, officer tactical medical kits, and bicycle and pedestrian safety programs.

"Sometimes they have needs they would like to help with public safety and community outreach, and they just don't have the funds or don't have the time and the efforts," Foreman said, adding "we can come alongside them as a foundation and help them with those things."

Longer term, Foreman said they plan to establish an education endowment and offer scholarships for children of police officers who attend college.

The foundation's first fund raising effort will be a food cart at the Bozeman Christmas Stroll on Saturday. They're selling bacon donuts and "pigs undercover" on the corner of Rouse and Main in front of the Bozeman Hotel.

They're also hosting a 1940's themed policeman's ball in May at The Baxter, which will feature a silent auction and live music.