BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The National Weather Service sent out an alert with concerns of flooding in the Millie Fire Burn Scar area, as thunder storms rolled through Bozeman on Tuesday.

As the evening progressed, the rain began to pour down. Areas of Gallatin Valley lost power. NBC Montana watched as people in Bozeman's, Bogert Park took cover during the Farmers' Market.

Virginia Bryan sells pizza at the market and told us she was caught by surprise when strong winds blew away her stand.

"A little scary when our tent blew away and we didn't have anything anchored down yet," said Bryan.

People tried to keep dry from the downpour, but kept shopping around the market during the storm. We noticed more people rushing to the Farmers' Market after the rain stopped.

Marlene Sadaj sells huckleberry smoothies at her stand and told us despite the stormy weather, business held up.

"Bozeman is still out here enjoying the Farmers' Market. It's surprising at how many people came out," said Sadaj.