BOZEMAN, Mont. -

On Monday night, the Bozeman City Commission heard from several concerned residents after they looked at four proposals for the historic Story Mansion.

The proposals range from gifting the building for an art museum, to selling it for full market value at around $2.6 million to a religious organization.

Each proposal group made their case to commissioners, and commissioners asked questions like how each would continue historic preservation.

After the presentations, several residents voiced their concerns. Many urged the commission not to sell the mansion, saying they wanted to keep it in city hands.

Many were on board with the sale, and weighed in on which proposal they liked best.

Commissioners then had their own discussion about the proposals and public comments they heard. Commissioner Carson Taylor said the issue is not black and white for them to make a decision just yet.

In the end, commissioners unanimously voted to continue their discussion and delay the decision by seven weeks. They expressed the need for an appraisal on the mansion, and said there was additional due diligence they'd like the city to pursue before they come back to discuss it again.